Hands at Work believes in short term teams. We believe something powerful happens when people in a comfortable and convenient society choose to discomfort themselves in order to serve the poor in another part of the world.

This training course will lead you through the Heart and Vision which operates behind the work you will see and experience on the ground. This information is designed to help you and your team prepare for your time in Africa.



Be Inspired

Hear about the experiences of other teams who have recently come to serve with Hands at Work in the most vulnerable communities. Discover new reasons to come and be a part of this transforming work in Africa.

I never thought I would see the Kingdom of God until the end times but I have seen it here at Hands at Work where people of all races eat, drink, pray and worship together in order to serve the poorest of the poor.

— Kagiso, Matlosane/Lichfield, South Africa/UK
I felt God pulling me here for a reason, and I figured out the reason. It touched me so much. I am not usually a vulnerable person, but now I want to be way more vulnerable.

— Kwynn, age 14, The Bridge, Canada