2015 Team Reflections

At Hands at Work, we are continually blessed by international teams who travel to Africa to be a part of God’s work among the most vulnerable people. We strive to embrace our short term teams as not guests, but family. Through our challenges and successes as we strive to serve the most vulnerable and live out our calling to follow Jesus, we welcome each member of each team to grow and be stretched with us. Our desire is they will not stand on the outside and look in, but be on the ground, confronted by God’s heart for those who suffer, and challenged to serve with the love of Jesus.

If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honoured, all rejoice together – 1 Corinthians 12:26

When our teams leave us, we come together to reflect on the work of God in our heads and hearts during the time we have been together:

St. Giles Church Team (UK) - Zambia:

“It is vitally important to pray for the people I’ve met when I go home. I simply can’t just walk away from Africa.” – William, Team Member

“While working with the local leaders, I’ve noticed that you’ve given your lives to serve with so much grace and joy. We could learn so much from you. You were all so inspirational.” – Dave, Team Member

“God places people in our lives to help us grow. God placed you all in my life at the right time because it gave me the opportunity to grow over the past two weeks.” – Saul, Hands at Work Local Leader

Ridgewood Church Team (US) – South Africa:

“There is strength in humility and weakness. God showed me how to see people eye to eye.” – Corrin, Team Member

“These children are the future. As a result of the children seeing love from their Care Workers, they will want to love and give back.” – Joel, Team Member

“Why did I have to be the one born in the US? Am I too comfortable with that?” – Kevin, Team Member

Grand Centre Alliance Church Team (CAN) – South Africa + Malawi:

“I felt like we were living out the church Paul talks about in the Bible – coming together in the morning, praying, singing and then going out to serve as people joined together because of Jesus.” – Dave, Team Member

“When I explain to people at home how the Care Workers do what they do, I will tell them it’s only by the strength of Jesus in them.” – Grace, Team Member

“The way the team sacrifices and gives up their selves to God impacted me. You spend money and leave home, coming here where you have never been. You may see something great in us but I see something great in you. I will tell my family about you.” – Ivy, Hands at Work Local Leader

 President Avenue Community Church Team (AUS) – South Africa:

“Jesus is the constant one. It is amazing that we are all connected by one thing.” - Tamara

''We're no different than they are.” - Jennie

“The ultimate healing isn't here but still to come.” - Beth

Sunset Church Team (US) – Zambia:

“The kids and Care Workers have so little yet are so happy. I take things for granted at home.” – Maya, 12, Team Member

“I won’t have words when people ask how was Africa was. I hope the change in me is greater than the words I’ll have.” – Michael, Team Member

“A grandmother I visited showed me so much through her faith that God will provide. Her prayer request is to simply pray. I want more of that in my life.” – Faustine, Team Member

It was like one big family with the Care Workers, the kids and the team. I saw the entire body of Christ together. The Care Workers often share their struggles, but your team members also opened up and shared your own struggles – it went both ways.” – Blessings, Hands at Work Local Leader

Bring a team and join us as we serve the most vulnerable