Team Season 2018 (AU)

Today, the first team from Australia will be heading to South Africa. Phil and Rachel McLaughlin are leading a team from Melbourne, leaving June 29, and about a week later, Leyton Wood and Tamara McLaughlin will be leading a team from Sydney to South Africa.


Phil and Rachel’s team, mostly from Sunbury Baptist Church, will be spending time in Sommerset, Oshoek and Mafambisa Communities. Their two-weeks in Africa will be full of Holy Home Visits, a Kid’s Camp, a Care Worker appreciation day, and a few members also will be staying for an extra week to work on construction projects. Please pray for good health for each team member, as their schedule is busy and many activities are planned. Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit; that team members themselves and the people they meet in the communities will feel the power and love of God in an enlightening and refreshing way.

Leyton and Tamara’s team, consisting mainly of people from President’s Avenue Community Church, will be visiting Mluti, Share, Zwelisha and Pfunani Communities. With the first week of their trip being school holidays, the team will be able to spend the days connecting with the children at the Care Points and getting to know their stories. The second week, the team has a unique opportunity to bring colour to the Life Centre in Pfunani through a painting project. With the children being back in school, the team will be able to walk closely with the Care Workers and show their appreciation for the dedication these Care Workers have for the children they care for. Pray God will prepare and give soft hearts to the team members, and that these two busy weeks will be an opportunity for God to deeply work in many lives. Pray it will be a time of rejuvenation and excitement for the gospel of love!

Phil and Rachel’s team leaves on June 29 and most people return July 15, while a few stay for an extra week till July 22. Leyton and Tamara’s team leave July 5 and return July 20. As these two groups from Australia head across to South Africa, we encourage you to keep them daily in your prayers. We are expectant that God will greatly bless both teams and the communities they visit!