Volunteers from countries around the world and from varied backgrounds and ages comprise the Hands at Work team. This team mobilises, equips and supports the local church across Africa to transform the lives of Africa’s most vulnerable children.

We invite you to consider investing a year of your life on behalf of Africa’s most vulnerable by being part of this team impacting people in over 60 communities in 8 countries. Come with an open heart and be willing to learn and to serve in whatever way is needed. Hands at Work volunteers serve the long-term local workers as “scaffolding”: a temporary, but essential tool in building a structure and leaving it stronger than upon arrival.

Each February, Hands at Work welcomes a new intake of volunteers.  The journey begins in South Africa at our international Hub where you will partake in a 5-week orientation led by long-term Hands at Work staff. The orientation includes sessions discussing Hands at Work’s vision and mission, as well opportunities to understand the development philosophy for how we are responding to the AIDS and orphan crisis in Africa. The majority of the orientation is practical and based on gaining first-hand experiences in the field to learn and understand the Hands at Work model of care.

As the orientation completes, each volunteer will be placed in a role with one of the Hands at Work teams. This will be a “scaffolding” role where you will support and lift the hands of the long-term team around you, and this can include a broad range of activities from teaching basic computer skills and administration to praying with our staff and encouraging them with your presence and support.  This opportunity is for those wanting to make a long-term commitment to helping the most vulnerable across Africa. 

ARe You Being Called?

Thinking about volunteering? Don't ignore the still, small voice. Watch this video and see how God handpicked two women a world apart to serve side-by-side for the benefit of the most vulnerable.



This video is the personal reflection of Alicia Krawchuk, a volunteer in the Febuary intake of 2013.

Hands at Work is driven by the Biblical mandate to care for the poorest of the poor, and as a long-term volunteer it is essential that you understand and respect the central role that Christian faith plays in our daily work. You will regularly participate in Christian devotions and prayer times, and you will have incredible opportunities to encourage others with your own faith.

If you are feeling led to consider serving with Hands at Work, we ask you to contact your local Hands at Work office and set up a meeting time, so that we can pray and discern together with you.  



Each year in February Hands at Work welcomes a new intake of volunteers. Exact dates will be given to you once the application process has begun. We recommend arriving one or two days early to process jet lag and ensure you are ready to begin orientation on the morning of the start date.


There is a an orientation fee, which goes to pay for all transport during the 5-week orientation period and food during a weekend stay with a family in one of our partner villages. For information about the fee and further cost of accommodation, food and transport, during your serving time at Hands at Work, please contact your local office.

Contact your local Hands at Work office for more information and to set up a meeting to discuss this volunteer opportunity. You can also submit applications to the following addresses, or, if you live outside of the following list of countries, email volunteer@handsatwork.org.

When I came to Africa, I was coming to give my time, my passion, my resources. After arriving, I realized I wasn’t very good at giving. I learned that at Hands at Work, we live as a family. We live by the core values of servanthood and giving freely. Freely—not conditionally.
— Ashley, volunteer from Calgary, Canada