Gather with your community, friends and family to celebrate your upcoming journey

This is a unique opportunity to share about the work you will be doing and gain prayer support for your time in Africa. Gather your community, friends and family together in an evening of celebrations. This can be over a meal in your home, in a church hall or any place you can gather together.

Make sure you set apart time for prayer. You may want to ask each individual for prayer points and share them with the group.

This is also a good time to review the Packing Section in Planning and Preparation as well as any other important travel details.


As You Go

As a team and individuals you are going to experience a lot in Africa. Your story from this trip is going to be an important part of your journey. You will likely get opportunities upon your return home from Africa to share your personal experience; maybe at Church or even sharing with a friend. Learn the story of a child and of a Care Worker you walk with. These will be the stories that impact you and that you can share. Remember to respect the confidentiality of the people you meet. Share these stories with people when you get back home. Let your experience work in their hearts.

This journey before you does not have to be a single experience. Remember that as you are heading out. This can be the beginning of something new in your life; as opposed to a once-off experience. We pray that this will be a deep journey for you and a new beginning of what God is going to do with you.