Holy Home Visits

Roger experienced his first Holy Home Visits in Zimba, Zambia in July 2014. As part of a short-term team with Sunset Church from San Francisco, he walked side-by-side with Care Workers visiting the poorest children in their village. Roger learned that the Care Workers visit the children to bring love and hope where there is much suffering and struggle. He learned that they visit the children because God first visited us.

Great time at Urbana (US)

We had an awesome time at Urbana these last couple of days.  I was really inspired by the 16,000 youth that were willing to give up their holidays and spend time worshiping, and trying to discern what God has planned for their lives!  If you stopped by our booth, thank you!  If you have questions be sure to check out the rest of the website, or email me at 

A Special Summer: A Movie Night Fun-raiser (USA)

By Hannah Yeh

At Wellspring Church, I learned about an African man named Royie, walking to different parts of Malawi to help others, and he has no shoes.  Wellspring was going to raise funds for Royie to get a motorbike. 

I was thinking that it would be fun to have a fun-raiser and to help somebody.  I thought a good fun-raiser would be a movie night because I LOVE movies.  With a donation, guests experienced a pizza dinner, time of worship led by Joey Chen and Noah Lee, carrying 2 gallons of water like a child in Africa, and a movie with popcorn. 

I invited my Sunday school group, my close friends, and my family.  I was happy to be able to help Royie with the help of my friends and family.  

Hannah is a 10-year-old girl from northern California.  She attends Wellspring Church with her parents, where she learned about Hands at Work in Africa.  Hannah loves school, especially reading, and she loves baking (and eating what she bakes!) and riding horses.

The “Man” of the House (SA)

After dropping off donated blankets and clothing and debriefing with the local community workers, our brief time in this community was dedicated to visiting homes that were scattered across the landscape.  The faces of orphaned children and helpless mothers that I met that day flood my mind when I remember Oshoek, especially a young widow and single mom in her early 20’s.