Serving through Prayer

By Pam Heubner

Pam Heubner, from Minnesota, first encountered Hands at Work through her son and daughter-in-law who were volunteering with the organization via the Peace Corps. Following her exposure to the transformative work, Pam responded to an urge to further her involvement. Read below as she shares her story.

When my son Jed and his wife Brooke were volunteering with Hands at Work, I really had a desire in my heart to go and see them. I had always had a desire to go to Africa, and knowing they were there just made the desire more intense.  However, we had no money for such a trip and it seemed like such an outlandish dream, that I barely dared to hope it could ever become a reality. I turned the matter over to the Lord and began to pray that He would let me go to Africa.  After a time, I got this "knowing" in my spirit that God had said yes, and that someday I would go.  When I told my friends that someday I was going to go to Africa to visit Jed and Brooke, they would ask "When?" and "How?"  My reply was always, "I don't know, but someday."  My prayers continued and for Christmas that year my son, Joshua, gave me an airplane ticket to Africa!  Who can doubt that God answers prayer? 

After returning from that trip, I hoped I would never be the same.  I felt frustrated because the needs were so great, and here I was, in the States, doing nothing.  My heart, of course, was back in Africa with the people I had left behind: the children, the Care Workers, and the amazing volunteers I had come to love at the Hands office.  What could I do to help?  They were giving all, and I was doing nothing.  Then I was reminded of the verse in James 5:16, which says, "the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."  Finally, here was something I could do from a distance!  It is such a privilege to be on the prayer team and receive updates on needs and situations to pray for.  

I might never know the full results of my prayers or the difference they have made this side of heaven, but I do have a vision of what my prayers accomplish for my friends at Hands.  Do you remember the story of Aaron holding up Moses' hands as the battle raged in front of them?  It enabled them to win the war, because if his arms went down, they began to lose the battle.  I believe that's what our prayers do for Hands. They help those on the front lines of battle continue to fight and win. 

To join with us in prayer for the orphans, volunteers, and communities of Hands at Work, visit the U.S. prayer room.