Holy Home Visits

…for we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard.   – Acts 4:20

Roger met another Roger in his first Holy Home Visits in Zimba, Zambia.

Roger met another Roger in his first Holy Home Visits in Zimba, Zambia.

Roger experienced his first Holy Home Visits in Zimba, Zambia in July 2014. As part of a short-term team with Sunset Church from San Francisco, he walked side-by-side with Care Workers visiting the poorest children in their village. Roger learned that the Care Workers visit the children to bring love and hope where there is much suffering and struggle. He learned that they visit the children because God first visited us.

Roger, born and raised in Hong Kong before immigrating to the United States when he was 13 years old, has experienced firsthand the isolation and insecurity of a childhood with little support. Visiting the most vulnerable children in Zambia, who typically have very little if any support, Roger was not only impacted by the Care Workers' mission, but also felt a deep connection with the children who so desperately need love and protection.

A few days after returning home to San Francisco, Roger felt God tell him that if he could go all the way across the world to visit strangers in Zambia, he had “no excuse” not to do the same for his aging parents. Roger bought a plane ticket to Hong Kong to visit his parents, his first visit home in four years. Roger called his three week visit in Hong Kong a Holy Home Visit because God used that time to bring healing and restoration to his family. Roger has committed himself to visit his family more often by moving to Hong Kong in May 2015, hoping to share the love of God he has experienced, and also develop deeper relationships with his loved ones.

Have you done Holy Home Visits in your family or your neighborhood?