Prayer Requests for Zambia


  • Praise God for our new bookkeeper, Mary, in Luanshya Service Centre.  Pray that Mary will feel comfortable in the office and on the team.
  • Please pray for the upcoming training of Church leaders at Kachele Farm.  That the leaders will understand the Biblical mandate to care for the vulnerable in their communities and take action in response to God’s call.
  • Praise God for Samuel and Juliet Zulu and their family, who have moved to Kachele Farm.  Pray for the maize that is currently being planted, that the project will be successful and support food security for many of God’s most vulnerable children.


  • Praise God for our new administrator Trina in the Service Centre!   Pray that Trina will learn quickly and enjoy her new role.
  • Praise God for a vehicle that was donated by Kangaruh Foundation.
  • Please pray for training for care workers happening now in a few communities, that they will feel encouraged in the work they are doing.