Continuing in Prayer

  • George has left for Canada and USA to go and share the vision of Hands at Work and to meet churches and new people who could engage with us in reaching out to the vulnerable. We are trusting God to open the right doors and to open people’s hearts and minds, we believe it’s a calling on all Christians to show compassion to the poor and vulnerable.
  • We have a number of new volunteers who have come to work with us, would you please pray with us as we send them to different communities and African countries where life is not as comfortable, food might not be their usual and the life is very different. We pray they may be strengthened and encouraged to reach out and touch the lives of many children. Please pray also for their health and further more that God can just be their comfort and minister to them as they play this important role of caring and showing love to God’s children.
  • Morgan, one of our family members who works in the Canada office is not feeling well and is undergoing tests, please pray God can heal her and give her much peace.