Regional Support Team

In the coming year Hands at work will be starting Regional Support Teams to support service centres in different regions throughout Africa.  We believe this will help us reach out and support the service centres better as more Hands at Work staff are placed closer to the service centres.  The first Regional Support Team will be supporting service centres in DRC, Zambia and Malawi and will be based in the copper belt region of Zambia. 

Please pray for the new Regional Support Team who will be moving to Zambia.  We are very excited about their new role in supporting the work in DRC, Malawi, and  Zambia.  They are a diverse group, with gifts and skills in OVC care, income-generating activities, agriculture, maintenance, empowering communities, carpentry, finance, and hospitality.  But more importantly, we appreciate them for who they are and their obedience to God in this situation.  We thank God for each of them:

Please pray for safe travel for those who are moving to Zambia from South Africa; for good health for all of them, and especially the children; that God will bind them together in unity as a team; and against any attacks of the enemy.