General Prayers

Zambia (Luanshya):

  • Please pray for Samuel and Juliet Zulu, Hands at Work volunteers from Chipata, Zambia, who have moved on 1 October with their children to Kachele Farm in Luanshya.  Samuel will manage the farm with the aim of improving food security for orphaned and vulnerable children around Luanshya, and Juliet’s role will involve training on caring for vulnerable children.


  • Our 3 CBO leaders ... for clarity in direction for delivery of 3 services
  • For Care Workers ... to love the children as their own
  • For Children ... to know the love being offered is also the love of God


  • Please pray for the piece of land purchasing process  and construction  of the care centre for the CBO to go according to plan for we are racing against time. Processes have been taking long because of the political situation.
  • For the Zim team to connect with the right people for some are opportunists
  • To get the right candidate for the bookkeeping position that needs to be filled up.
  • The farming God’s way that is to happen in Honde valley
  • The trained care workers to continue with the good work they have started.
  • The expansion of  our work in Zim in general
  • The political situation in Zim., there is still lots of tension between the two joint parties and some uncertainties.