The Heart of Hands at Work

Digging DEEP E-Class, Session 1

In this session we would like you to gain an understanding of our heart and why we exist and help you to go deeper in engaging with the work of Hands.

Step 1: Watch 

Watch "The Heart of Hands at Work" video featuring George Snyman.

Step 2: Reflect 

Reflect on our core values. Consider each of them and what it means to live them out where you are.

Step 3: Answer 

Answer for yourself the following question: What can we do to further engage the church in our community to become involved?


Step 4: Pray 

We believe that through prayer God’s work is done and a big part of our mission on this earth is achieved.

Schedule a regular meeting time with other participants to come together and pray for the work of Hands, commit to this for the next month. If you are looking for prayer items you can sign up to become a prayer advocate and receive weekly emails from our Oumie Snyman or simply visit our Prayer Room to see the most up to date prayer requests.