Watch: Digging DEEP Preview
George Snyman, founder of Hands at Work (bio and background), speaks about what the next 3 months and 3 e-classes will entail.

Join us in Digging DEEP!

Digging DEEP, Hands at Work in Africa’s premier e-learning classes, is a 3 part series of educational exercises aimed to create a solid foundation and a deeper understanding of the work we do. Over the course of the next 3 months we will take you on a journey through our stages of development. We'll explain how we break ground in a new community through Hands at Work's four pillars. Here is an overview of the upcoming classes:

E-CLASS 1: The Heart of Hands at Work, FEATURING George Snyman

E-CLASS 2: Local Community Ownership and Caring for the Poorest of the Poor, FEATURING Levy Mwende & Lynn Chotowetz

E-CLASS 3: Focusing on Relationships and Holistic Caring, FEATURING Emily Dinhira & Lynn Chotowetz