Sowing in Faith: 2016 Drought

"I felt the weight of the words 'we are together', but I also heard the call of an invitation to go deeper. Will we be together?" Louise Buhler, Saskatoon advocate, reflects in those initial days after hearing the news about the devastating drought hitting sub-Saharan Africa. She sent a call out to friends, family, and supporters to come together in prayer for the most vulnerable. 

Now, in the planting season, Hands at Work is ensuring that maize crops are being sown in the most desperate communities in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Swaziland, in faith that the rains will come. If they don't, it will be catastrophic. Please join us in prayer for these crops in particular to reap a full harvest in 2017.

We praise God for the rains that have started to come but also continue to pray for the rains that still need to come in order to have the bountiful harvest that so many of these communities desperately need. Please stand with us in prayer for this. 

When Louise initiated a monthly gathering for prayer for the children and Care Workers in the communities that they were connected to, she did so in faith, that the Father would grow something out of their prayers. Strengthened by these times the group has been united more deeply together in calling, commitment and love.

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