Volunteer Tools

It’s a privilege to share what we are a part of here in Africa and the transformational work that God is doing. Here are a few ideas of what you could share with your church, small group, family and friends. Remember to think about who you are sharing with. Is this the first time they are going to hear about Hands at Work, or have you shared with them before? As much as possible try to personalise your experience. 


      2 files including presentation guide and community list 

      Download Presentation Guide and Community List 

Power Points

     1 powerpoint presentation file, and 1 support files folder with 17 photos and 2.8MB 

     Download Powerpoint Presentation File 

     Download Support Files Folder 

Resources for Presentations to Kids

Bugs and Animals  17 photos, 3.5MB

     Download Bugs and Animals 

Life for a Child

   Food  - 6 photos, 11.3MB Download Food

     Houses - 4 photos, 789KB - Download Houses 

     School - 4 photos, 12.9MB  - Download School 

     Water  - 3 photos, 9.9MB - Download Water  

Stories  - 3 files  - Download 3 story files 

A collection of photos

Democratic Republic of the Congo  - 5 photos, 6MB - Download

Malawi - 5 photos, 17.2M - Download Malawi   

Mozambiqe  - 5 photos, 10.8MB - Download Mozambique 

Nigeria  - 4 photos, 3.7MB - Download Nigeria 

South Africa  - 5 photos, 8.5M  - Download South Africa 

Swaziland - 5 photos, 12.5MB - Download Swaziland 

Zambia - 6 photos, 14.1MB - Download Zambia  

Zimbabwe - 6 photos, 1.1MB  - Download Zimbabwe 

Hands Family Community   - 3 photos, 4.1MB - Download Community 

     The HUB - 7 photos, 777KB - Download The HUB  

     Kachele - 3 photos, 3.7M  - Download Kachele 

Print material

     Hands at Work - Blank Cards  - Download Blank Cards 

Hands at Work - Country Overviews 2015 - Download 


Below the video description on the vimeo page is a download button.  Click there and choose the download quality.  Your download begins immediately.

Introduction to Hands at Work  - Download from Vimeo

Come - Download from Vimeo

Are You Being Called?  - Download from Vimeo

George Snyman's Bio  - Download from Vimeo