Current Promotional Materials

Below is a list of our current materials along with a brief summary of what these
materials are and how you can use them.

Print Material


2015 Country Overviews

These country overviews are a good supplement material to a general introduction of Hands. It is important that every advocate has access to this information. Specific sheets can be given to individuals, groups, teams & organisations who have an interest in a particular country. These sheets also provide an overview of where we’re at right now in regards to our goals and our plans for expansion and are the closest thing we have to an annual report.

UK | SA | AU    A4 - 2015 Country Overviews

CA | US    8.5 x 11 - 2015 Country Overviews

SIZE: A4 and 8.5 x 11
PAPER: regular weight, uncoated, recycled
COLOR: Full color
PAGES: 8 single sided pages or 4 double sided
OTHER SPECS: no bleed necessary. 8 country pages. You can print in a booklet format on A5 paper, 2-up, double sided and saddle stitched or as single sheets.

Church Booklet

This is specifically designed for churches, their leaders and congregants. To help them understand why we feel called to use the church and how we work with local and international churches.
Please ask about printing specifics:

CA | SA |  UK | US | AU Please enquire.

* differ in currency only

Trimmed Book Size: W: 26 cm x H: 18 cm*
PAPER: 100 lb, uncoated, recycled
COLOR: Full color
PAGES: 12 pages (3 - 52cm x 18cm sheets folded in half, double-sided)
OTHER SPECS: saddle-stitched together
* this is the size it was designed for but Canada and US with their different page sizes chose to have the booklet printed in a smaller format in order to be cost efficient. The made the width of the spread fit onto an 18" page. 

Partner with Us Brochure

Designed specifically with corporates and organisations in mind. A 3-panel pamphlet that invites them to partner with us and highlights 3 unique selling points about Hands: 1. we care for the most vulnerable, 2. we care holistically and 3. we stir up and work through local communities, along with a story line and some facts about the situation children in Africa are facing. Please ask about printing specifics:

Trimmed Size: W: 16.5" H: 5.5" (each panel being 5.5" x 5.5")
PAPER: 100 lb, uncoated, recycled
COLOR: Full color

PAGES: double sided
OTHER SPECS: tri-fold (3 panles with photo of children on the front, contact information on the back)

CA | SA |  UK | US | AU Please enquire.


Greeting Cards

Hands at Work - Blank Greeting Cards- Download Blank Cards 

SIZE: 4x6
PAPER: 100lb cards tock , uncoated, recycled
COLOR: Black and White
PAGES: 6 blank cards



Below the video description on the vimeo page is a download button.  Click there and choose the download quality.  Your download begins immediately.

Introduction to Hands at Work  - Download from Vimeo

Come - Download from Vimeo

Are You Being Called?  - Download from Vimeo

George Snyman's Bio  - Download from Vimeo



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2017 Banners

PDF Together Reaching the Most Vulnerable 1

PDF Together Reaching the Most Vulnerable 2

PDF Supporting Local Community Ownership

InDesign File Package 
SIZE: 33.5x80 inch
SET UP: color, 1 sided, roll up banner to put on stand

3 Matching Print-out Take-Aways

PDF 3x3 inch Cards

InDesign File Package
SIZE: 3” x 3”
SET UP: full colour, 2 sided, 3 separate designs
PAPER: 110 lb (light card stock), preferably recycled, matte
Reference document to match front and back graphics


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