Stories of the Most Vulnerable

40 Days of Prayer 2014 - Day 37

Week 6 - Christ as Our Foundation

Many of our Care Workers are wounded themselves. Pray for God’s transformational mercy and love to heal the inner wounds of our Care Workers. May our Care Workers in turn pour out mercy and love to our kids, and in doing so bring transformation and healing of their wounds. 

40 Days of Prayer 2014 - Day 32

Week 5 - Hands at Work around the World

Many dedicated international advocates have committed to raising support for an entire village of vulnerable children in Africa each year. They are the link between Hands at Work and their friends, family, church members or co-workers who join them in supporting this village.

40 Days of Prayer 2014 - Day 21

Week 4 - Hands at Work in Africa

Pray in re-commitment to the second half of 40 Days of Prayer. Know that God hears your prayers and He does not require perfect words, just a willing heart. Pray for the outcome of this season of prayer to be a deeper understanding of God’s will and a closer relationship with Him as you commit to conversing with Him daily. 

40 Days of Prayer 2014 - Day 16

Week 3 - The Church Around the World

Today, pray for other ministries who are committed to working among the poor throughout Africa and the world. Ask God to bless their work, making it fruitful and life-giving among the most vulnerable.

Pray our ministries will transform the lives of children like Gideon. Read Gideon's Story

40 Days of Prayer 2014 - Day 12

Week 2 - The Local Church in Africa 

Pray for the work of the local church in Africa to personify God’s word: No longer will the poor be nameless - Psalm 9:18 (MSG). As God knows each and every person’s name, may the church know the names of the most vulnerable in their community.

40 Days of Prayer 2014 - Day 5

Week 1 - Serving the Most Vulnerable

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, war has devastated the country. Years of rebel attacks have left children as refugees in their own country. Recently peace has returned, and the first light of hope is breaking through in a very dark place.