October Gathering 2018

From the 7th – 13th of October, a group of Hands at Work volunteers from across Africa are meeting in Zambia to plan, prepare and dream for 2019.

We invite you to join us in praying for:



Safety, health and protection, smooth border crossings, and great conversations as we travel and throughout the week.


The Hospitality Team in Zambia

The team is preparing to welcome Hands at Work family from across Africa to Kachele Village. Ask God to give them strength and energy as they serve the community.


Open Hearts and Minds

May each person receive all that God has for them during the gathering.


Wisdom and Unity

 Goals and expectations are being set for 2019. Pray for closer and deeper relationships to be built.



From Monday to Friday, the focus will be on Holy Home Visits, Health Care, Food Security, Church Mobilisation and Finances. Ask God to guide each person facilitating the different sessions.


Taking it Home

Those attending from the Hands at Work Local Offices across Africa will apply the messages and goals learnt in their homes and in the communities they serve.  May God give wisdom and endurance as they bring hope to others.