Like a Spring whose Waters Never Fail

Greetings to all our faithful intercessors,

 DR Congo careworker Museba Kasowa celebrates God's faithfulness in his healingWe are thankful for the healing of Museba Kasowa, the Care Worker in DR Congo, who was deathly illHis healing has been a testimony for many. Last weekend they visited him in his home. I have attached a photo of him with the other care workers, he has his hands up. Here is a message from Erick, our coordinator in DR Congo: "May God continue to bless you and to refresh you. Thanks a lot to all your  team who don't get weary in lifting thousands of prayer requests to the Throne of God for the saints across the nations."
We also want to thank you for your prayers for the grade eight students in Luanshya, Zambia area. Please continue to pray for support for the following vulnerable communities in that area who together have 15 students who are needing support to go on to high school: Tahila, Kalende, Maposa and New Wells. These 4 communities  have funding for some of their vulnerable children but are still in need of funding for food, health and education to support all their vulnerable children. Thank you for your continued prayers for them.
Please pray for Marc Damour, a Canadian Hands volunteer, as he travels to support our Service Centers in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, for travelling safety and health protection.
Lastly, please pray for the strengthening of support to our Service Centres as they go forward in their calling to be a voice to the church in our vulnerable communities - to stir them up and to get them involved in the care of the most vulnerable. 
Thank You
Be blessed,