Shout to the Lord

Greetings to all our Friends, Hands family and Intercessors.  

Onekah, a careworker, practices what she learns on a school child.We thank all that have been faithfully praying for the “Walking with Wounded Children” Training course for our care workers in South Africa. It is so close to the Father's heart to see healing come to His vulnerable children and we've seen how He's begun just that through times of play and counselling with care workers and children these past 2 weeks! Even though it was often very emotional and difficult  there were many breakthroughs. Here is a quote from one of the care workers involved in this training: “I have learned how to be a parent who can provide love, care and encouragement to those children who do not have a father or mother to come home to. I have learned how to provide a safe place for a child who has been traumatized and lead them on the path to healing. We now have the ability to provide structure for these children through spending quality time listening to them and their stories. We know the importance of trust in our relationship with our children, and we now know how vital it is for the child to have a listening ear to depend on.  I have taken the information that I have learned through this training and combined it with my heart for children in a way that I can make a lasting impact on their lives.” Emily Dinhira, a Hands at Work training facilitator, taught several seminars over the two-week course.


  • The next Walking with Wounded Children training session starting this Sunday with care workers from the Bushbuckridge area in South Africa - that the facilitators and participants will have strength and perseverance to go to another level of understanding.
  • That all participants from this past session will be encouraged to use their new skills towards caring for vulnerable children.
  • Pray for the safety of the Care Workers as they travel each day on the road to and from the community they are reaching out to.

Check back to the website for more testimonies and stories from this time.  Thank you & be blessed.