Please Lift Up Swaziland

Hi everyone, I am forwarding a request for prayer from our sister Samantha who is assisting our Swaziland community. As we lift up this family may we also pray for Swaziland as a nation. It has the shortest life expectancy of all the countries we work in: just 37 years. HIV/AIDS has hit Swaziland hard and there are many orphaned children, families are overwhelmed. Especially for the poor, rural area surrounding Ka Phunga help is not readily available. Clinics and hospitals are literally out of reach. 

Please pray for wisdom for the care workers to know how to care for these children and for a renewed sense of calling and renewed love for those they are caring for.


Hi everyone,

I spoke to Nomsa, our coordinator for the Ka Phunga, Swaziland community and she passed on some sad news…

Remember at the  conference Thulile spoke about 3 children that she found eating mud (you can read story here)…they were then placed into a family who took them in and showered them with love and acceptance, they blossomed under their care… sadly this past week their new “mom” was hit by a taxi that lost control. and killed instantly.

Please pray for this family especially the 3 children, Sandile, Myxoli and Lindlwe who have once again had another devastating loss, the father who has a daunting task of looking after 9 children.

A huge blessing  is that he is still happy to keep the 3 children living with him.

Also keep Thulile in your prayers as she is really working with the poorest of the poor in KaPhunga and this is such a blow to her.

Thank you