Prayer for Zimbabwe

Dear all,

It was an encouraging time when we visited Sakubva and met with some of the care workers there, just the commitment and the way they give themselves in doing the work of God and walking the long miles to visit children and patients. Zimbabwe is a hard place to live in as the country has gone through a rough time, many orphans have been left with no means of getting food or place to sleep, a lot of child headed households and many sick people due to lack of medicine and closed clinics. These care workers are doing a great job and it would be wonderful if we could stand with them in prayer for them and the country.

Please join us this week as we pray for Zimbabwe:

  • Pray for strength for the care workers and all those playing a part in taking care of orphans and widows
  • Pray that God can have mercy and restore what the enemy had stolen from that country
  • Pray that churches can stand together as the Lord requires and as his word says he will heal the nation when his people stand together and call on his name.
  • Pray for the hospitals and clinics to be fully equipped and attend to all patients
  • Pray for the children of Zimbabwe

Thank you for your prayers, God bless