Orientation Program

Our five-week orientation program is an opportunity to orientate you to our work and community. Through class room style sessions and time in the communities we work in, you will learn and understand our vision, values and structure.

At the end of the five-weeks, you will be place with one of Hands at Work’s local office to serve and support them, and learn more about what they do. This will be for a four-week period, before being introduced to a longer term role.

As a volunteer, we ask that you come with an open heart and a willingness to serve in whatever way is needed. Volunteers serving with Hands at Work are able to come along side local leaders, encouraging and supporting them and our local communities by giving of themselves in a humble way, with a servants heart. The metaphor we use to describe our volunteers working in community projects across southern Africa is “scaffolding" - temporary, yet essential. The goal is to be a part of a team in which you learn to support and care for as they lead the way in effectively caring for the poor and vulnerable while supporting local ownership and sustainability.