Creatively Advocating (AU)

People all across the world are involved with Hands at Work in Africa, faithfully serving, advocating, praying and giving – all with hearts to serve the most vulnerable in Africa and in their own communities. Advocates are always coming up with creative and new ideas to raise awareness for the most vulnerable people in Africa.


Rob and Helen Shaw, based in Australia, have been advocating for Hands at Work for the past few years, creatively finding ways to be a voice to voiceless, whether it be busking at the local farmer’s market or their latest venture – biking across Canada! They share, “We plan to ride right across Canada during the Canadian Summer, starting in Vancouver in mid-May and ending in St. Johns, Newfoundland, in late August. During our trip, we hope to meet up with other Hands at Work Advocates across Canada and to encourage each other to reach out to the vulnerable.”


“We encourage you to visit Hands at Work to understand how the model works and why it has been so successful in enabling and empowering local communities to care for their own. We also encourage you to follow us on our blog to see how everything is going and to share in some of the amazing places, things, and people, that we are bound to meet on a trip like this.”

Rob and Helen have set up two pages (one for Australians and one for Canadians) with options to donate to Hands at Work in Africa. Their hope is to see more children in the most vulnerable communities in Africa be supported with their physical, emotional and spiritual needs, and all the money raised will go directly to Hands at Work in Africa. If you are Australian, visit here, and if you are Canadian, visit here.