Team Reflections 2014

At Hands at Work we are blessed to hear testimonies from teams and visitors who have come to Africa to experience what God is doing. Their stories tell a transformation of not only what they have seen in the lives of those they meet here, but in their own hearts and lives. These stories of everyday people who meet Jesus in the faces of the most vulnerable, for even a short period of time, tells of God’s great desire to change us so we will never be the same. These reflections are just a few from the many teams we received in 2014.

Matlosane/Lichfield Team, South Africa/UK

“I never thought I would see the Kingdom of God until the end times but I have seen it here at Hands at Work where people of all races eat, drink, pray and worship together in order to serve the poorest of the poor.” - Kagiso

“It has been a tremendous privilege to be part of this team. We have turned heads in the streets where true black and white friendship is unusual. As the week went on we found a name for ourselves: Fruit Salad. In a fruit salad you can still taste each piece of fruit, and know where it came from, but it has been changed by the presence of the other fruit and will never be the same again.”   – Rose

Westside King’s/ Kensington Commons Church Teams, Canada

“Seeing the transformation in the kids over two weeks was a highlight. How they treated each other and all of us. I could see all the pieces adding up to something bigger.”   – Hayley

“A challenge for me was looking at the choices we have. I don’t think it’s okay that the kids don’t have shoes – but I do think it’s okay they have so much joy. Maybe in some ways, I am poor too.” – Nicole

Grace Church Team, US

“We were welcomed and loved as friends – like they’d [the Care Workers and children] known us our whole life.” – Andrea

“A highlight was getting to know the children in Susu - they have perseverance and strength, they don’t even know their own strength! They have it because of the Care Workers.” – Lisa

“God is not done with me, I am learning to love others as He loves them" -       Christina

The Bridge Church Team, Canada

“I felt God pulling me here for a reason, and I figured out the reason. It touched me so much. I am not usually a vulnerable person, but now I want to be way more vulnerable.” – Kwynn, 14

“I saw burns and cuts that won’t heal properly because they don’t have money to get fixed at a hospital. It’s not fair. They need treatment. I felt feet, calloused and strong and rough feet as we washed the Care Worker’s feet. Thursdays have been the hardest, I don’t know why.” – Logan, 13

“I heard a ton of laughter from our team and in the community. I saw kids who crave touch. I felt broken for the kids and Care Workers, I felt admiration and compassion for the Care Workers.”

– Frank

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