The Ndlovu Family

In this one roomed home lives the Ndlovu family.  Handzu is 19, in Grade 11 and has a 2 year old child.  Thabiso (pictured) is 17 and in Grade 11.  Sam (also pictured) is 13.  They live here with their mother, Christina, who has been head of the family since the death of her husband, and the children’s father, in 2000.  Christina has an illness that affects the use of her legs and she can no longer work, forcing the family to try and survive on one government grant of approximately 35 USD per month.  They are also forced to walk long distances to get water due to the water shortage crisis in the community of Welverdiend, South Africa.  When Pfunani Community Based Organization (CBO) identified this family as one of the most vulnerable in 2011, the children were hardly sleeping or eating. 

Over the past year, Angel has become a part of the Ndlovu family.  She is a Care Worker from Pfunani CBO who volunteers to love and care for the most vulnerable children in Welverdiend.  Since Angel began providing home visits to this family of five, there has been a change in the children.  By ensuring the children are receiving the 3 Essential Services of food security, basic education, and basic health care, she has seen them go from being tired, hungry and anxious children, to a healthier family who wants to build a relationship with her.  They share their challenges with Angel and she, supported by Pfunani CBO, does whatever she can to help.  Most importantly, she is a mother to the children when their own mother is unwell, and a friend to Christina who knows there is someone looking out for her children.