A Community Caring

Solofina, age 14, is a single orphan in Grade 4 at Malokota Community School.  She stays with her father in Malokota, Zambia

Ten years ago, in this small bush community, her family's life was forever changed.  At the age of four, Solofina and her three siblings lost their mother.  At that time, the children were unable to go to school as their father was not able to pay for their education.  The close-knit community of Malokota saw a need and took it upon themselves to adopt the whole family. 

Malokota Community Based Organization (CBO) is helping Solofina attend school by paying for her school fees, books, and uniform.  She also receives a nutritious meal each day at the feeding point.  At school, Solofina loves to draw and play netball with her friends. She especially enjoys English class.  According to her teacher, Japhet, Solofina is a good student and has many friends.  When Solofina grows up, she would like to be a doctor so that she may help those who are sick.

Solofina would like to give thanks to those who are supporting her, enabling her to get an education, and nourishing her not only physically and mentally, but also emotionally and spiritually.