Love that just blossoms (ZAM)

Sukai lovingly cares for a group of vulnerable children in Mulenga, ZambiaAt 12 years old, Esther was left alone to care for her ailing mother and younger brother. Esther's mother, desperate like many other women in the urban slum of Mulenga, including Esther's grandmother, had turned to prostitution to earn an income to support her children.

Esther knew of no other way to make ends meet and was likely to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Had it not been for Mulenga Breathrough Care Group, Esther wouldn’t have had hope of a future.

Mulenga Breakthrough Care Group started with a heart to care for the most vulnerable in their community. When Esther and her family were found by care workers from Mulenga Breakthrough Care Group, both her and her family were supported and loved. They visited often, bringing encouragement, and they enrolled Esther back into school and helped to nurse her mother. Unfortunately, Esther's mother passed away. But before she did, because of the love demonstrated by this committed group, she herself found solace in the acceptance of the Christian faith.

Esther doesn’t have it easy now, though. As a maturing young woman, with the history of a prostituting family and a younger brother to care for, she could easy fall to the temptation of quick, easy money. But it’s not too late for Esther. With the love and care of Mulenga Breakthrough Care Group, she can overcome the obstacles she faces.

Sukai Tembo, wife to James, Hands at Work’s Regional Coordinator for Zambia, shared Esther's story at the 2010 Regional Celebration in Zambia. She gave testimony to the fact that when one “plants love in a human heart it will just blossom, it will affect a lot of people, it will change a lot of people.” Sukai went on to say: “It is only God that can change a human heart so please pray, [these prayers] mean a lot. We love a God who delights in answering our prayers. Our hands can touch girls like Esther and show her real love. God can use us to save these [children from their] previous lives.”