Nathan's letter (CA)

7-year-old Nathan Chong poses for a picture with his letter to Hands at Work founder, George Snyman

What an amazing year 2010 was for Hands at Work Canada! God has continued to open doors and to bring more people into the Hands at Work family, people like Nathan Chong.

Nathan is a little boy with a big heart to give. For his seventh birthday, Nathan had decided that he would ask guests at his birthday party to make a donation to Hands at Work in lieu of birthday gifts. He raised a total of 300CAD!

When Hands at Work founder, George Snyman, visited Toronto in December 2010, Hands at Work Canada arranged for him to speak at Nathan's school and the response was amazing. After George’s visit, children sent letters to George and a quilt was raffled off with all proceeds going to Hands at Work. A simple, yet profound, act of giving from one child has planted seeds that will bear fruit in many children, both in Canada and in Africa.

Nathan's letter

Dear Mr Snyman

We thank you for coming to our school to talk to us about Hands at Work in Africa. We understand that those people in Africa have scarce supplies, indeed. We understand also why we donate to Hands at Work and we hope to be able to donate more in the future.