Let it Rain (Zam)

A cool rainy morning is not uncommon in Kabwe, Zambia during amayinsa (rain season). Yet the gloomy sky does not affect the excitement of the hard-working care workers of Shalom HBC from preparing for the activities of the day. The anticipation of this project is great; today 50 children being cared for would be receiving a meal for the first time from the new feeding program. Morning finds eager care workers cleaning the church that will be used to facilitate the program. The work continues even though the rain drizzles down. Everyone knows the grim conditions that many of the innocent orphans face every day. This one meal a day, most likely the only one given, will provide these young vulnerable ones with their daily bread. With this understanding so vividly imprinted on their hearts, the workers together share the load of the day.

It is the first meeting, the number of children that will participate is uncertain. But even this does not distract the servants from their mission. Even though it was a late start, the food is finally ready and the children arrive. Timidly they hold out their hands to wash, quietly they collect their steaming plate of food, and silently they sit down to eat. Anyone looking around the room would see about 35 shy children slowly eating their meals. Someone might notice young Gift, whose fingers can not move fast enough and whose mouth can not chew quickly enough the shema on her plate. The satisfaction on her face perfectly expresses the success of Shalom’s newest feeding program. To her, and to the other young orphans gathered together on large straw mats, this plate of food is the physical outpouring of the Father’s own provision. She, like the others, does not shy away or question the giver but instead accepts, with hunger and gratitude, the love showered down, the grace poured out, the food in her 5 fingers.