Listen to George Speak in Pretoria

Join us at Missions Fest (SA)

Listen to George
Thurs., FEB 18th (19:00-20:45):
Compassion and Proclamation
Sat., FEB 20th (10:00-11:30):
Compelled by Compassion
Where:                Central Baptist Church 827 Schoeman Str., Arcadia, Pretoria, South Africa
Who:     everyone is invited

Missions Fest is a catalyst to enable people to catch a vision of the Great Commission spoken by Jesus (Matthew 28:19).  This locally driven missions festival helps people find a place where their interests and abilities can best be put to use. Missions Fest’s three-fold purpose is to inform, celebrate and challenge people of all ages to get involved in missions by sending, praying, giving and going.

And listen to other motivational speakers, Jackie Pullinger and T.A Ralekholela

What happens at Missions Fest?
It is a weekend when people of all ages come together to participate in a variety of missions related experiences. Colorful exhibits, which represent missions organizations that work in most countries around the world, provide current information. Keynote addresses are given by world class speakers who have international acclaim. Children participate in workshops and programs that raise in them the awareness of the existence of many people groups. The youth are challenged to a life of missions during their rallies and seminars.  Multicultural music is highlighted in these gatherings; international flags and costumes are part of the decor. Along with these activities, over a hundred seminars are integrated throughout the three days providing up to date missions information, challenges and opportunities!

How did Missions Fest begin?
In 1984, six local churches of differing denominations in Vancouver Canada felt that global missions was   ending up at the bottom, if at all, on their church’s agenda. They decided that if they worked together they could do much more in raising awareness, than if they continued alone. A once-off conference was planned and the whole Christian community in the city was invited to come. The response was beyond expectation!  Because of the overwhelming interest, Missions Fest has been held annually since then. Vancouver Missions Fest now has over 150 sponsoring local churches! Many cities across Canada and USA are now hosting their own local Missions Fest. In July 2006, many pastors and church leaders from Pretoria met with Richard Dodding, the founder of  Missions Fest. Since then many churches have joined to plan a Missions Fest in the capital of South Africa in February 2008. The first Missions Fest in Africa was held in  Lubumbashi, DRCongo in December 2006.  Kinshasa, DRC was the third African city to host its Missions Fest in July 2008.  Other African cities are preparing to host their own local Missions Fest as well! Read more here: