Love Bled to Death

Greetings to friends and family and to all the people that believe so much in what Hands at Work in Africa is doing. It’s such a privilege for me to speak to you shortly after our Easter celebrations, and I’m sure as you’ve spent quality time with thosethat you love, that you appreciated these moments as you saw people that you love dearly.


Diamonds in the Dust

“Diamonds in the dust.” It’s a beautiful phrase that we have been using in Hands at Work right from the beginning of our history. It started off when I stood at the rubbish dump, just staring at children scrounging for food. God gave me a beautiful promise - “you will find diamonds in the dust”

The House is on Fire - 10th Anniversary Thoughts from George

While touring Canada, Hands at Work founder George Snyman sat down and penned these thoughts reflecting on the challenges and successes of 2011 and looking forward to beginning the journey of 2012. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Hands, and we are grateful to be able to celebrate God's faithfulness and continue living in it as we launch into the next decade of serving His children.