George Snyman

co-Founder and CEO of Hands at Work in Africa

George Snyman lives just outside Masoyi, South Africa, with his wife, Carolyn, and the youngest of his four children in a multi-cultural, international community of people giving their lives to serve the poor.

In 1994 the Snyman family left their suburban lifestyle in Pretoria in search of a more meaningful life. Carolyn studied nursing while George studied Theology and Community Development.

During their studies George walked through six countries in Southern Africa where he discovered a God-given vision for serving the most vulnerable people in sub-Saharan Africa. George became passionately committed to caring for the widows, orphans and dying people that were appearing in huge numbers all around him as a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

In 1998, George Snyman co-founded Masoyi Home Based Care. The community care model he helped establish was recognized both locally and internationally as a ‘Best Practice Model.’ In 2002, George founded Hands at Work in Africa to replicate this model in desperate villages throughout Africa.

George strongly believes this calling to care for the dying, widows and orphans is not only for the Church in Africa, but also elsewhere, and he has been a prophetic voice to the Church outside Africa, challenging them to fulfill their role. Since founding Hands at Work, George Snyman has spoken to churches, universities, schools and organizations in Europe, North America, Australia, and across Africa. And his challenging message to the church in Africa has helped establish dozens of community-based organizations in eight countries: South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, and Nigeria.


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