Letters from Africa November 2017

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Part 4 - George Snyman speaks about "practicing hospitality". It is a theme from our Watchword, Romans 12:12-13.

Practicing hospitality, according to the Bible, is risky business. We know that there is a risk in everything that is worthwhile, but to invite a stranger is risky. In fact, it is as risky as when we start to trust or to love someone. The more you love someone, the more you show hospitality, the greater the risk.

Who knows better what hospitality is than Jesus, himself. In this regard, he taught us and said, “When you have a luncheon or a dinner, do not invite your brothers, your neighbours, your family or your rich neighbours.” But rather, invite the poor, the cripple, the lame and the blind. Isn’t this exactly what our Care Workers are doing when they reach out to the orphaned children in their communities.
What an incredible, unselfish love they show.