Invitation to Pray

Dear friends of Hands at Work communities worldwide,

As we continue to grow in reaching more vulnerable children and their caregivers like the volunteers and grannies, we face many challenges that we trust God for. Those of you who had the opportunity to walk with us in Africa will understand what I am talking about. Many of us just returned from countries like the DRC (Congo), Nigeria, Malawi and Mozambique. Although it is encouraging to see what is happening we also realize that unless God is going to do miracles it would be merely impossible to reach all the most vulnerable children we hope to.

The people on the ground are just facing un-believable challenges. Many grannies have more than ten grandchildren to care for with no outside support whatsoever. How they get out of bed in the morning is above me. In South Africa alone it is estimated that there are 250 000 child headed families. These children in Africa are super vulnerable and they need protection and support.

Part of our rapid growth includes the need we have for certain skills in our communities. We have to adhere to many requirements to give account for our funding and to ensure quality care. Again we really trust God to send the right people to us!

Lastly we have such a passion for the Church in and out of Africa. We spend much time and resources to challenge the Churches in Africa and then to support them once they start to care for the widows, orphans and dying in their communities. Part of our call is to challenge the Church outside Africa, in particular in the north, to partner with these Churches in Africa and to support them in these tough times.

For all of the above we trust our Father to provide, but He did instruct us to seek Him in prayer. I know prayer is hard work and at Hands we spent a lot of time in prayer! It is a battle and it is impossible to bind the strong man without much prayer. We call on all of you to consider becoming part of the Hands Intercession Team. It is a commitment not to be taken lightly, but at the same time it is such an exciting opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives with no hope.          

Should you feel you want to pray with us and receive our prayer letter please let us know, by emailing us at  or filling out a form we have put in the Prayer Room on our website.


prayer, the act of petitioning, praising, giving thanks, or confessing to God; it is expressed by several different words in both the ot and the nt. Prayer can be individual or corporate, audible or silent. It is conditioned by the biblical understanding of God as a personal being who hears the prayers of his people (1 Kings 9:3; Pss. 34:15; 65:2; Matt. 7:11; 1 John 5:15).