Hands at work (Canada) Society Objectives

Hands at Work in Africa (Canada) Society was incorporated in February 2008 as an independent society, registered in the Province of Alberta, Canada. The Society has qualified for tax-exempt status and was registered as a Canadian Charity effective October 29, 2009. Hands at Work in Africa (Canada) Society's Charitable Number in Canada is 848314225 RR0001. Tax receipts are issued on an annual basis after the end of the calendar year, for all donations in excess of $20.00.
The objectives of the Society are

  •  to relieve poverty by providing basic supplies such as food to persons in need
  •  to advance the education of students in Africa by providing tutoring and scholarship programs
  •  to benefit the community by promoting health in Africa by educating and instructing the public on the prevention of, and curative measures for health problems, and by providing health care services for people affected by debilitating diseases, illnesses and conditions

We envision the local Church in Canada effectively caring for the dying, orphaned and widowed, and to be unified in this mission as partners with Hands at Work in Africa and the Church inside of Africa.

Our mission is to, through relationship with Hands at Work in Africa and the Church inside of Africa, challenge, encourage, develop and support the ministry of servanthood among those in need in their community.

We believe the Biblical mandate to care for the dying, widowed and orphaned is not only for the Church in Africa, but also elsewhere, and Hands at Work in Africa (Canada) Society will be a prophetic voice to the Churches inside Canada, challenging them to fulfill their mandate