be a voice for the voiceless

God is using each of us in different ways to tell his story.

Let Him use you.

At Hands at Work, our vision cannot become a reality without the communion of the local and international church. We are called to stand in solidarity with the poor and the oppressed.

What role can you play? How can you bring hope to the most broken and vulnerable people from where you are? 

If you have a desire to advocate, to speak up on behalf of others, we encourage you to pray and seek God in His direction for your life. You may be called to intercede with us in prayer, or to bring stories of transformation to your friends and family, or to bring awareness to your church or community group. You can advocate through Social Media, by showing Hands at Work videos, listening and sharing our podcasts, or invite a Hands at Work speaker to visit your church or community group.

You can make an impact wherever you are

You can defend the orphaned and the widow. You can challenge the international church to step up and say ‘no more’ to suffering and injustice. You can allow God to use you in bringing righteousness to the most dysfunctional communities in Africa.

Join us.

Therefore, we His servants will arise and build.
— Nehemiah 2:20

Help build walls of protection around Africa's most vulnerable children. Become an Arise+Build Advocate and partner with a village to bring hope and healing.

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