Speak up for those who have no voice, for the justice of all ... Stand up for the poor and destitute!
— Proverbs 31:8

The book of Nehemiah has been a big influence on Hands at Work. In that story, Nehemiah is trying build protective walls around Jerusalem because the walls had been destroyed and the people inside were left vulnerable and defenseless. The way he builds the walls is to assemble a team across the entire area; each one just steps outside of his house and there builds a section of the wall. 

We’re trying to build a protective wall here in Africa, too. In the poorest communities our children are left unprotected, exposed and vulnerable. One of the ways we’re going to build this wall of protection is to assemble men and women around the world who are willing to each stand up in their local churches, small groups, work places and other spheres of influence to speak on behalf of our communities in Africa.

We call these people Arise and Build Advocates!

It’s a big name for a simple job: taking a specific Hands at Work community in Africa, learning its story and the names of its children, and standing on its behalf by gathering your own church, friends and family to find ways to support and partner with that community. Some Arise and Build Advocates gather 5-10 people and organise a trip to visit their community in Africa. Others find 15 or 20 people to sign onto monthly child sponsorship giving to provide food, health and education for the children in their community. There is no specific job description beyond living out compassion, which is the love of Christ in action.

Here are some examples of Arise and Build Advocates doing just that:

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