Stories of West Coast Advocates Coming Together: Part Two


Southern California

A few days later, on Thursday, March 15, 2018, another Advocates Gathering took place in Kani & Rubin Kim’s home in the north side of Los Angeles. Similar to the event in San Francisco, Hands Advocates in the area enjoyed a meal together, reflected on a devotional, and listened to audio updates from U.K. long-term volunteer Dan Waspe about Ilaje in Nigeria, and Xolani Makwakwa from the Oshoek Service Center about Beeskop and Sthobela in South Africa, three communities supported by the partners who were represented. The group prayed for each other’s supported communities, the Care Workers who serve the most vulnerable there, and the Service Center staff who support them.

Afterwards, Kani Kim, whose family supports children in Oshoek in receiving the three Essential Services, commented that she was incredibly blessed by the gathering. She said, “Being here in the States, in the comforts of our luxuries and lost in the midst of the busyness of our daily routine of work and family, we often find ourselves fatigued and worn out by it all, sometimes running on fumes. We are tired and weary, but we find ways to press forward, to move forward, because that's what we're used to doing. But when we have our Advocates Gathering and hear all the beautiful stories of the amazing ways in which God moves, drawing the lost to Him, pouring out his grace to those who serve Him, strengthening those who are leading, it reminds us to take His yoke upon us - for it is easy and it is where we feel His peace covering our tired souls. It is when we take His yoke we are reminded of the greater work that is being done and needs to be done, and through that renewed strength and energy, we rise up joyously, for we have a purpose far greater than our eyes can see and our own hearts can anticipate." 

She continued, “Each time we meet we are able to reset, and take His yoke upon us. Each time we meet, we are reminded of the wonders of His love - how expansive it is, how glorious it is. Each time we meet we are reminded that we have brothers and sisters on the front-lines, fighting ferociously for God's glory and it reminds us to gather alongside them in prayer and in community.... Hearing George speak, the leaders of the communities speak, it keeps us in touch with what is happening and what still needs to happen. While the organization is growing, there is still a great need for leaders and for prayer. Having the prayer requests directly from the leaders working there helps us see the blessings as well as the needs that are still there.”