Radical Advent: Esther’s Story from Mwaiseni, Zambia

As a part of our Radical Advent Christmas campaign, we want to share a story of a teacher from Zambia today.  Esther used to teach at a public school, but when she realized that many of the orphans in her village weren’t able to afford the fees to attend the public school, she decided to make a radical change.  First, she used her modest income to build a small two-bedroom house.  As a single woman with two children and two grandchildren, her neighbors complained the new house was beyond her means.  But this was part of Esther’s plan.  She now shares one bedroom with her two grandchildren, who live with her.  In the spare bedroom, she raises dozens of chickens, and the income from selling chickens enabled Esther to take the risky step of leaving the security of her government job.  Now Esther’s living room doubles as her classroom, because every weekday she teaches 106 of the poorest children in her community out of her living room! 

Hands at Work empowers people like Esther in the poorest villages in Africa who are radically serving the poor and helps build a team of local Christians around them to multiply their efforts.  Make this a Radical Advent by supporting Hands at Work in improving access to education for poor children in Africa!  Please consider making a donation to our Christmas campaign here.