For the Lord loves justice, he will never abandon his faithful ones.

Greetings to our Prayer Warriors,


George Snyman has been invited to travel to the UK from the 4th to the 16th of this October.

Pray for God's grace, wisdom and discernment as he speaks in churches and meets with people. Pray that all who hear him will have an open heart to God's message of love for poor and vulnerable children.

Pray for travelling mercies for George and that his health will be protected.



Pray for our Service Center and Regional Support Team members from around Africa as they come together in Zambia from 21st to 24th October. 

Pray that they will be lead by the Spirit and the work will be forwarded out of this time spent together.


Please pray for the vision trip for church leaders from Canada and America which George Snyman will be leading the first week of November. They will spend time together in Zambia and Malawi. Pray that God will prepare the hearts of those coming on the trip and prepare the way for them to connect with and be an encouragement to our communities.



In October a team from our Hands at Work Hub in South Africa will be going to Nigeria to support our Service Centre.

Pray for their health and safety. That they will build relationships and be guided by God’s wisdom in all their decisions.



 Zambian Regional Support Team are doing training and supporting the Service Centre in the Democratic Republic Congo.

As this is a very volatile area with many challenges please pray for their safety, building relationships and wisdom in their work.  

Pray for God's justice to reign and for his faithful ones to be protected as it says in Psalm 37v28:


                                                For the Lord loves justice, 

                                                                                he will never abandon his faithful ones.

                                                               They will be protected forever.           


Prayer for George

Hello prayer advocates!

Thank you again for your continued prayers for us. If you've been following along in our newsroom you've seen that George Snyman has been traveling the last couple of weeks in the UK and has just landed in North America for another month of visiting, encouraging, and challenging individuals, churches and groups with the message God has laid on his heart.

Please stand with us in prayer:

  • for those that George has already met and spoke with, especially in the United Kingdom, that the words he spoke will fall on fertile hearts, ready to receive, and that the message won't be choked out by the cares and troubles of this world (Luke 8:4-15)
  • for his health and continued stamina; for a fresh wind of your spirit to blow over him each day giving him strength and enthusiasm during these days of back to back meetings and speaking events.
  • for words that will break down the walls of apathy built around hearts
  • for fresh words to drop in to his spirit for specific people that he's ministering to
  • for favor with those that he is meeting with, that they will know his heart's desire to do the will of God, to care for and love strangers and those in need as Jesus did, and to encourage others to do the same (1 John 3:16-18)