Prayer for Mozambique

This week please join with us in prayer for Mozambique.

We praise God that after years of delays and challenges the registration of Hands at Work as a foreign NGO in Mozambique is within view. Also we thank God for His provision in finding a Hands at Work office and accommodation for visitors and volunteers in Chimoio, Mozambique – which is a larger center than where we were previously located now we also have high speed internet!

Please stand with us in prayer for:

  • The work in Mozambique among the poorest-of-the-poor.
  • Carlos, Manuel and Timossee and their families as they transition to community leadership roles.
  • Those serving in the communities of Gondola, Nhamatanda , Amatongas and Dondo and their families.
  • For Abel, who is the coordinator for Dondo community. He and his 2 small children are grieving the death of wife and mother who recently passed away.
  • Dara, an American volunteer who is serving in our office in Chimoio and going through the process of adopting a child from Mozambique, that nothing will stand in the way of God’s will and for Dara and Nede’s (her adopted daughter) for their new mother-and-daughter relationship.
  • Marc Damour, a Canadian volunteer who is managing many projects in the area.
  • Our ongoing relationships with all those whom we are serving in Mozambique.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers! Check our prayer room daily for updates this week as we prepare for our 24 hour time of dedicated prayer.

Hunger Season (Moz)

Please pray for Mozambique

  • Harvest season to be dryer … too much rain now
  • Harvests to be safe (not stolen as the price is Beira is high for selling) … a scam run by Indians who will sell at triple when times are tough
  • Local alcoholism problems … again, a local company selling small bottles of lethal brew= deprivation, abuse, poverty, death
  • Church to be convicted of “sin, righteousness and judgement” … John 16:8
  • Encouragement for volunteers working in Christian Community Based Organizations… both leadership and body
  • National Government :
  • Fear of the Lord
  • Righteousness and wisdom
  • Caring for their people
  • Upgrading education
  • Releasing / accepting women as different but equal
  • Standing against harmful cultural practices