40 Days of Prayer - Day 22

…that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work - 2 Timothy 3:17 (ESV)

In Malawi, great hope is being brought by men who have been called by God to care as friends, father figures, and older brothers of orphaned and vulnerable children. Pray for these men to continue the good work God has begun in them. Ask God to provide for their families as they serve others. Pray their example will be a part of the transformation in their communities that will bring more servants from the local churches to give of themselves in caring for one another.

Naomi and Francis

Naomi and Francis

Francis and Naomi | Mngwere, Malawi

Francis is well known to the children of Mngwere, Malawi. When they see him walking down the hill to the Life Centre, many of the children who are gathered there will put down the meal they are enjoying, or the ball they are playing with and run to him - their faces lighting up as they see him approaching.  Francis’ lightly greying hair sets him apart in his community. After a successful career teaching horticulture in Lilongwe, Francis retired, in his own way, to the community of Mngwere. He spends his days putting his knowledge to work on the small plot of land he and his wife Sara farm together. With two children remaining at home, Francis could easily fill his days growing the best fruit in Mngwere and tending to responsibilities at home but instead he chooses to spend many hours per week with vulnerable children in his community.  Walking long distances, he visits the children in their homes, encouraging the children’s caregivers that they are not alone in their struggles to care for the children.  As the Coordinator of Tima Community Based Organisation, Francis leads 33 volunteer Care Workers to lovingly care for 200 of the most vulnerable children in Mngwere, including Naomi whom the Care Workers regard as their biggest success.  When they first met her she was days away from dying.  Now she is a lively, beautiful little girl with a big personality.  The love of Christ that is shown to her every day by Francis and the Tima Care Workers has given Naomi a new life.