40 Days of Prayer - Day 16

We know what real love is because Jesus gave up His life for us. So we also ought to give up our lives for our brothers and sisters – 1 John 3:16 (NLT)

Some of our local leaders from Malawi

Some of our local leaders from Malawi

Hands at Work is dependent upon God to send us local African leaders to lead the way in caring for the most vulnerable children. Pray for the growth and development of our existing African leaders, and for God to send us new servants with hearts that desire to be set apart and sacrificially serve the most broken.

Levy Mwenda, Hands at Work Elder, speaks on Hands at Work’s vision for African leaders:

“At Hands at Work, we say we grow our own timber. Our leaders come from our communities and our youth camps. In communities where there is no hope, in a desolate place, we find our leaders.

We are not training leaders - we are walking alongside people and investing in them. We want people to join us who deeply understand our vision and our heart and want to live it out in their own lives. It is not easy. It’s easy to hire people, and much faster.

For our leaders to reflect the heart of Hands of Work, they must desire to reflect Christ. As he laid down his rights so that each of us could live, we pray our leaders will lay down their lives for other people to survive and have basic rights; leaders who will break injustice and fight for righteousness.  

To disciple our upcoming leaders, we choose to live and work together in community. Our African leaders and international volunteers live together and learn from one another. We learn how to live by Kingdom culture and the values of Christ instead of our own previous cultures. It’s tough, but when our leaders are able to break free from their previous culture, we know that we can send them out to any of our countries and they will not be hindered by a specific culture’s ways. They will always choose to live by Kingdom culture.

We pray our leaders will have role models and will be role models. We pray they will not hold onto any kind of power as a leader, but always be ready to let go and serve in any capacity they are asked. Please pray with us.”