Prayer Requests - October 2014

Greetings in the Wonderful Name of Jesus.

Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ - Romans 10:17

Please pray with us:


-Pray for camps being held at Kachele Farm in Zambia. For the first time in 2014, camps are being held that are specifically for youth, facilitated by African Leaders, and focused on discipling the most vulnerable young people from the poorest communities. Pray for the 20 young people who will be attending the following weeks:  

                -November 3 – 7 from Chibote Community

                -November 17-21 from Mwaiseni Community

                -December 1 -5 from various communities

-Pray each one will come to know the loving and healing Jesus we serve, and ask Him to bring change to the lives of those who have faced serious abuse and release them from strongholds

-Pray for them to reveal inner hurts and trauma in their lives and allow the Holy Spirit to bring them healing

-Pray for the facilitators: Prag, Ritha, Blessings, Sukai, James and Levy. Ask for a new anointing on them and each week of camp. Pray for God’s guidance in knowing how to follow up with the youth when they return home to their communities.

-Pray for those who attended the camp in the past month from Zimba and Kamakonde communities. Thank God for those young people who accepted Christ during the week. Pray the healing they experienced will continue to work in their hearts, and each child will continue to seek the Holy Spirit.


-Pray for each volunteer Care Worker to deeply understand that as Jesus came to earth to visit them, they go out into their community to visit the homes of the children they care for

-Pray for each Care Worker to experience Holy Home Visits in their own home from friends, family and each other

-Pray for strong, honest, loving relationships to be formed between Care Workers and children as they visit together

-Thank God for the amazing testimonies we trust will come from across Africa of how Holy Home Visits are transforming the lives of our children