Prayer Requests - Maranatha Celebrations

He came to heal the broken hearted and to comfort

those who mourn – Isaiah 61

A part of Hands at Work’s holistic model of care in vulnerable communities across Africa is ensuring that our Care Workers are supported in their own personal growth and care. Our Care Workers are the men and women from local churches who have taken responsibility for the most broken, abused and neglected children in their communities. However, our Care Workers were once these children. They often have inner wounds just as deep as the children they are caring for. Through Maranatha Workshops, Hands at Work is extending to our Care Workers an understanding of the love and healing that can only come from Jesus.

Now that each of our communities has participated in a Maranatha Workshop we are seeking God’s will in the way forward. From Aug 23rd – 31st leaders from across Africa will come together in Zambia to celebrate and prayerfully seek the next steps.

Please join us in prayer:

Pray for preparation of the facilities and all of the logostics that go into planning this time together.

Pray for everyone who will be sharing during this time. Pray that God will give them the words to speak His message.

Pray for traveling mercies as we gather together in Zambia from all across Africa. Pray for protection as we travel on the roads and by air. Pray that as we cross borders doors will be opened and we will have no delays or disruptions.  

Pray for unity during this time, pray that God will give us a clear understanding of the way forward.

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