12 Days of Prayer - Day 11 - Nigeria

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015


Praise Points

We thank God for a peaceful election earlier this year, which is beginning to bring a good turnaround in the country.

As Nigeria has struggled with serious power supply challenges, thank God for the recent change in the power supply this year, which benefits the local office as they are able to better communicate and support the communities they serve.

We thank God for unity and harmony among the Christian leaders God is raising up in Nigeria. We are so grateful for Toyin and Taiwo in our local office, as they selflessly give their lives every day despite the many challenges they face.

Prayer Points

Nigeria is a country filled with corruption and acts of bribery. Pray for Toyin, Taiwo, and our Care Workers as they face the challenge of going against this culture every single day, and fight for the lives of our children. Pray for God to change the hearts of those involved in corruption and bribery, as the negative influence directly impacts our children. Pray for peace throughout Nigeria.

Pray for a lower cost of living, as many families face homelessness and insecurity.

Pray for roads to be repaired and constructed well. Travelling to community is often impossible as the roads are in such disrepair. Pray especially for the Lagos/Ibadan Expressway to be constructed well next year as the Hands local office needs to use that road to reach our communities.