12 Days of Prayer - Day 6 - DRC

Friday, December 18th

Democratic Republic of Congo

Praise Points

As many Congolese have faced spiritual, emotional and physical challenges this year, God’s protection has been evident over the lives of our children, Care Workers, and Hands local office members.

Despite many personal challenges each volunteer Care Worker faces, much commitment has been seen in men and women who are determined to care for the most vulnerable in their communities. They do so willingly, living out their callings and Biblical mandate.

We thank God for the growth we have seen in several of our communities this year. We are grateful for the support that has been put in place to care for our children.

Prayer Points

Pray for God to work in the hearts of local pastors and churches to reveal their Biblical mandate to care for the most vulnerable among them. Pray for men and women to step up to care for our children, and provide them with life-giving love and encouragement.

We desire for each child, Care Worker, and caregiver to receive healing from their many wounds. Pray God would equip us with His Holy Spirit as we seek to carry out Maranatha Workshops in all our communities so healing and restoration can be found.

Pray for Care Workers who serve our children and families every day. Pray God will give each one a better understanding of holistic care and grasp the concepts of Holy Home Visits and Relationship Groups.