12 Days of Prayer - Day 4 - US

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Hands at Work US Office

Praise Points

Since January, a growing community of past and present Hands US volunteers gather virtually on Skype weekly for a Bible study, and monthly to encourage each other with stories of what they have experienced in Africa and how they are living out serving the most vulnerable in their own communities, wherever they live. Praise God for these opportunities to share and encourage, as the US office loves spending this time together each month.

We thank God for the growth in the Hands US office this year. We are grateful that God is bringing more volunteers who want to invest in Hands and live out their calling to serve in their home country in the US. We also thank God for the people who have helped us in team season.

We are excited for new churches coming on board to partner with Hands at Work US Office. This year, three new churches have committed to partnering with Hands at Work and communities across Africa, together fulfilling Hands at Work’s vision to see the local church working in partnership with the international church.

Prayer Points

Pray that God will continue to use the Hands US family to challenge the Church in the US to serve the poor sacrificially, focusing on the Biblical mandate to care for the poorest of the poor.

As God has sent more volunteers to join with Hands US, pray for our Management Team to continuously grow in maturity and in size. Ask God to bring us more of His sons and daughters, so we may share our vision with them, and draw each person closer to our Heavenly Father.

Pray for guidance and support as we seek God in sending more committed, long-term volunteers to serve in Africa.